Magazine and Technical Articles

A selection of magazine and technical articles

  • Stewarts take on the Allan Staniforth 'String Computer" by Stewart Collinson
    "Just where should the suspension points go?" I hear you ask. Rush to your library and take out Allan Staniforth's book Competition Car Suspension - A Practical Handbook.
    This file is my take on the famous Staniforth string computer. It's a spreadsheet that has proved to be very useful for estimating roll centres, camber change, track change etc…
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  • Mig welder settings for dummies.
    I'm not a professional welder - in fact not even a good welder! However, I have owned a Telwin Biturbo 132 for a good many years…
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  • Calculating Key Dimensions for Custom Brake Systems - Steve Strain 
    Below is a copy of the Spreadsheet tool I spoke about at clubnight July 12th 2016
    There were two versions presented. The 'original' - modelled the Fiat/Lancia brake combination as recommended by my cars manufacturer. The second 'Willwood' models the cars current brake configuration.I suggest that members use the tool to model their cars current brake setup…
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